How come we take a picture of ghosts, if they are transparent? GHOST SERIES-3

This is a lady ghost!! GHOST SERIES PICTURE NO: -  - There have been certain rumors that this is a fake picture. Please come and discuss and do find out the truth.
May 8, 2007 4:37am CST
Before starting this discussion, I would like to thanks all of you guys for overwhelming response to all my articles/discussions on board, especially related to GHOSTS. Please do respond if you actualy have seen yourself practically. Are you suffering with HALUCINATION[a state of mind whr person sees their dead ancestors. I have the whole bunch of videos and photos and stories. If anyone would like to have all these testimonials then please do respond to my discussion. Be my good friends and do distribute knowledge among each others. We all should promise to each other for the truts revealation!!!
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