what is the educational system in ur country?

May 8, 2007 7:10am CST
for eg:how many years are there in primary school or high school,how long are the holidays ,do you think that it is successful e.t.c.if possible name the country too.
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• Ireland
8 May 07
I am from Ireland and children start playschool when they are 3 years old. They then go into primary school when they are 4 years of age until around 11/12 years of age. Then they go into Secondary school for 5/6years until they are 17/18 years old. The school summer holidays for primary schools is two months - July and August. For secondary schools, it is three months - June, July and August. They also get holidays throughout the year such as two weeks off for Christmas, 1 week for Easter and such.
• Romania
8 May 07
Well, here in Romania, Eastern Europe we have 8 years in primary school, 4 years in high-school, 3 years of college, 2 years in Master and further on... The system is basically successful, altough it has its controversial issues... We have a studying year divided in 2 semesters and usual free holidays (Easter, Christmas, May 1st, etc)