Color Management for Photography

May 8, 2007 8:21am CST
In photography we often talk about how good our photos look on our computer monitors. More often than not bad looking photos are often blamed on faulty monitors or cameras. Nobody give a thought about good Color Management. In my previous encounters with the ill-informed I have even met some Graphic Designers who know nuts about the need to calibrate their computer monitors in their specialized field of work. In the world of Color Management there are lots of professional color management equipment in the market. Besides being able to calibrate computer monitors, they are also capable of calibrating projection screens and TV. Among the most popular and the most user friendly ones are: 1) ColorVision Spyder2 (Suite & Pro versions), 2) GretagMacbeth Eye-One Display2, 3) Monaco OPTIX XR (& Pro versions). If you have been using one or some of the abovementioned, which one would you like the best? Discuss your experience. If you can pls indicate the brand & model of your computer monitor and the graphic card it is attached to. Eg: Mine is NEC LCD72V (DDC/CI) on NVIDIA GeForce 6100. You can look for such info by right-clicking your Windows Desktop and selecting "Properties" followed by "Settings".
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