Don't take too serious about yourself

@fdwjay (340)
May 8, 2007 10:36am CST
I read a piece of news today about a student with a bechelor degree from Qinghua Univ. fell isolated and depressed at home idling away his time after his first career failure. Psychologist says it's caused by depression. But obviously it reflects a lot more than this. An education that focus on exams or a sick expectation from parents are easily to be blamed. But if go further deep we may find it's revealing some negative perspectives of our culture. I think that we as individuals are taught in our culture to be either too humble or too arrogant, both of which go extrems sometimes. Since our childhood, the elders are more likely to taunt or punish rather than reason or discuss with us on our mistakes , which make us more and more self-abased. The experience in schools, especially primary and middle schools, make things worse. On one hand, teachers, in order to make things easy, try to avoid students from questioning their authorities (or to say, to stop students from thinking with their own heads). On the other hand, by a simply and stupid criteria, those who can get high scores in exams are looked upon as excellents. It does bads to both sides----for some of the low-scored students, lose confidence and become desperate; for some of the high-scored students, become more and more arrogant without any concerns whether their ablities limit on doing exams. They will be so proud of themselves until one day, when there're no longer exams to suck confidence from, finally be overwhelmed by the reality of society.
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