Who will be the Playoff MVP??

May 8, 2007 11:40am CST
who will be the next playoff MVP?? in the western Conference, the top contenders are, BILLUPS and HHAMILTON for the Piston (the team who will clearly win the conference finals) and if they wont make it(which will be impossible with the way they're playing their game now) it would be JASON KIDD and VINCE CARTER of the Nets and KING JAMES of the Cavaliers. in the Eastern Conference, the winner of the Suns vs Spurs Game will probably advance to the Finals. If its the Suns, it would be NASH and DUNCAN for the Spurs. And if good blessings still rain for the Golden State Warriors, it will undoubtedly be BARON DAVIS. And if the strong plays carries the JAZZ over Golden State and beat the winner of the the Suns-Spurs matchup, it will be the man who give them more BOOSTER power, CARLOS BOOZER. who will like win the NBA title and the player to be named MVP..
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