Do you love to eat snacks?

@kay1230 (249)
Hong Kong
May 8, 2007 12:10pm CST
I eat a lot in a day, even i've had a full meal. I like eating some snacks like choco and chip while watching television. I eat these snacks especially before sleep. LOL Although i eat a lot, but my friends say i'm slim. AHA
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@joycer (498)
• Sri Lanka
9 May 07
I am a snack lover. Even if I will be going out I still bring something to munch. I do not understand why my mouth is very insatiable. I have snacks in between meals. I also eat before bedtime. Yes, it is not complete watching television or movies at home without a snack on the side. I love also eating chocolate,chips plus dips, chocolate chip cookies, french fries,etc. I am getting fatter with these snacks. It's hard to resist temptations.
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@r4y_m4n (93)
• United States
8 May 07
i love eatin bad i don't because there aren't any at home (bcuz if there were they'd be finished alrdy...literly) my parents buy chips...and those chips won't survive for 2 days max in this house with me living in it, so that's why my parents stopped buyin snacks :( i have a problem :(
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@love_all (308)
• India
8 May 07
you are lucky if you still eat snacks and are slim alas i used to eat lot of snacks and had to quit when i started gaining a lot of weight. i still have it but when away from home.
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@PsychoDude (2013)
• Netherlands
8 May 07
I eat everything which is within reach, so I don't buy snacks too much because of that :P. Wouldn't be all too great for my weight.
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