Ever fallen in love with a stranger?

I met with a stranger and all went well. - People tend to meet in strange circumstances. That is how people get to know each other. Others even get married after meeting a stranger. It is always a coicidence?
May 8, 2007 2:28pm CST
Last month i was travelling upcountry only and i decided to have a cup of coffee nearby cafe. Suddenily i met a stranger, young tall light lady. We staretd enganging into a conversation, and as a man i started looking her on the other side. She impressed me, and within 30 minutes, its like we had known other for years. Guess what happened? I had to convince her and good enough she was singing my song. It happens once or often in life..... Have you ever met with a stranger only to fall in love?
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@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
11 May 07
I know it's not love but attracting, when I fall in love with a stranger. Once I went out to find the place in which I have an examination. I took the map and went and went, then, a boy came to me and asked to see my map, I gave it to him. He was not tall but very handsome. When he found the place, he didn't go. I was very confused and asked him why didn't he go. He said he wanted to go with me because he used my map. Then we call a taxi to go my examination spot. Then we said goodbye to each other after having dinner in a restaurant without leaving any message. I knew he wanted to contact with me, but I can't. I knew that's not love but attracting.
@gegegelay (934)
• Philippines
10 May 07
That's pretty odd, hehe.. but I guess i've never have. I've had a crush on strangers, but never fallen in love with them.. coz' how can you fall in love with a person you barely know at all?
8 May 07
I did once, it was on the plane home from Cyrpus, she was so nice, we looked at eachother a few times and passed eachother when we went to the food stand or toilet and we just smiled at eachother i really liked her but ive never seen her again