My Son Stuart - Going to be a 9th Grader When School Starts Back

Stuart with his friend at the Mexican Restaurant - All of the waiters at our favorite restaurant have made friends with Stuart. They all pat him on the back whenever we go in and ask him how he is doing. In fact, when we started eating there they didn't understand about our greeting of shaking hands. Stuart started shaking hands with them and they picked up on it. Now they shake hands with him all the time.
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May 8, 2007 4:14pm CST
This morning I went to my son's school for his year end IEP meeting. We were talking about him transitioning from 8th grade into High School. When my son walked into the room (since he is 14 they let him give his input also) I could tell he was nervous. I assured him he wasn't in any trouble. He let them know he is interested in working for the railroad and driving a train when he gets out of school. I was so proud to hear the reports that they read to me about my son before he came into the room. I know I'm bragging but it just made my heart swell with pride. They talked about how he is good to participate in class, is always willing to do his work and is so caring of other people. They talked about how polite and courteous he is. My son has a disability of autism though a mild one but if you are around him long enough and listen to him talking it doesn't take long to realize there is a slight problem there. He is very capable of learning though and makes As and Bs on his report card. Last year he received award called "Best in Class" and we went to another school for a ceremony where he received a special certificate for this. God has blessed me tremendously to be Stuart's mama and I'm so proud that I can say "That is my son!" I pray that whatever he does in life that he will be the man God wants him to be.
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