Solution to Any Problem in the World

United States
May 8, 2007 6:35pm CST
Some guy asked me for a few bucks one day to buy lunch, and I gave them to him. It wasn't that much, but he was decently dressed so at the very least he didn't seem too much like a shyster. Anyways, a lecture I had in class today got me to thinking. Our professor was telling us about "environmental perception", which is stuff like, if you think you have bad luck, then you will. Well, I've heard this before, but it finally dawned on me. If we just think we're not poor, then we won't be! If we think we're not homeless, jobless, nor suffering from poor health conditions, then we won't be! It's called solipsism, and it works! So stop whining, blame yourself, and then we won't have to help each other! We'll be helping ourselves! Remember, everything is your own fault, but if you just change your attitude around, nothing is impossible! You can fly! You can shoot fire from your private parts! You can literally talk to animals in your own native language! Environmental perception! Everything is possible! You could even be God! Just follow this simple steps: Blame yourself. Don't ever complain. Don't ever be unhappy! Well, I hope that helps! And I know we need it, what with our wars and world hunger and violence and stupidity! Have fun and enjoy the rest of your life!
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