Bearded Dragon!!

May 8, 2007 7:58pm CST
I want to bye a Bearded Dragon and i can't find anywhere.. Do you know where i could find? Please help me..
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• Australia
25 May 07
There are certain things you need before you look for a bearded dragon. Firstly you will need to apply for a reptile licance. one you have the you will need a special enclosure for it. Reptiles need a certain UV light. You should check with your local pet shops on where you can purchase a bearded dragon one you have the requirements. Also when a breader sells you a bearded dragon they will most likely ask to see your licance.
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@tismesara (113)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I loved my bearded dragon! i hope you have figured out where to get one. we have them here at petco in the reptile department! The thing you have to remember is that there is always a small chance to get salmonilla from reptiles. I Have an iguana here at home, i am just very careful and wash after we play with him, wash his tank and such!
• United States
1 Jul 07
I would look at Petco or Pets mart. They would have the healthiest dragons.
• United States
25 Jun 07
go to they have all sorts of things they are good animals on there. find a reptile show in your area that will sell them in thier season if you get one out of season it will cost a lot more. they do last a long time so plan on keeping it they eat crickets, pinkies, green leafy veggies, you want to have the right lighting for them as well and the perfect temperature if you just want one for show then you reallly dont need it. you also want to get a good bedding like sand for them to stay in a decent size tank as well depending on lenght depending on the type you get they can grow to 2 feet if mixed with a german giant.