who is the third user of a mangekyou sharingan?

May 8, 2007 11:10pm CST
ok check this out... I think that the third mangekyou sharingan user is none other than Shishui-san... I know you think that it's impossible since Itachi killed him in order to obtain his mangekyou, but at that time Oro had already left the village. What if he was scouting for new akatsukie members? He could have encountered Itachi and talk to him, Itachi would have tell Shishui about it. Since oro can resurrect people Itachi would have killed him after that Shishui could have been resurected. Shishui does the same and tadam you have the three ms user (with Sasuke in the futur). Since they were TRUE best friends it would be a gift to one another. After that Shishui would have left the village and Itachi wanting to create a race of superior Uchihas would have kill anybody who could not awaken it..
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