If NARUTO and Hinata would have a baby, Would the baby be a genuis ninja?

May 9, 2007 1:12am CST
Since he would probably get the byakugan AND naruto's HUGE chakra reserve, would that mean it would be really easy to learn rasengan for the child, since he would be able to visually see the actual movements of the chakra, and have enough chakra at a young age to perform it. It would be like with the Uchiha clan, were a child becomes a man when he can perform the fire jutsu properly(the one where they breath in and blow out fire), naruto could easily teach his child how to perform the rasengan once the child has learnt or awakened his(or her byakugan) Also as inevitable offtrack topic, what would Naruto's and hinata's child look like, The smooth structure of hinata's hair but orange, obviously byakugan, and well the rest is pretty much the same for every other character of naruto, except clothes... what do u guys think?
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@calakarak (137)
• Australia
10 May 07
i reckon it would have black spikey hair like obito
• Philippines
10 May 07
nice comment. thanks.