Hinata: Next Hyuuga Prodigy?

May 9, 2007 2:06am CST
Hinata has always been looked down upon as a Hyuuga and even as an overall kunoichi. She was surpassed by Neji and Hanabi in terms of battle skill, and has never shown us anything special except for her weak attemps during the Hina/Neji fight and fainting in front of Naruto multiple times. Do you guys think that she will shine now in Part 2? I believe/hope so. The overall theme of this manga is to work hard and succeed (an idiot could surpass a genius with hard work and determination). Hinata is just the same as Naruto pretimeskip. She was weak, clumsy, and pretty much useless. However, I think that this will all change. My prediction is that Hinata will surpass both Neji and Hanabi and become the next Hyuuga prodigy. She will force people to look up to her and her improvements, just like Naruto did in Part 2. Hinata will prove her father wrong, showing him that she isn't a useless daughter, and that she could do so much more. Who agrees with me? And go ahead and post your own predictions.
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@mwalidji (200)
• Philippines
9 May 07
i just hope hinata gives her best in shipuudin...
@calakarak (137)
• Australia
9 May 07
i think she may surpass hanabi... but neji? cmon. hes a skilled genius, and has worked hard as well. pre timeskip he was the strongest genin, after time skip he is jounin.