Can we buy happpiness?

May 9, 2007 5:39am CST
In real life many of us want happiness,but we don`t get it in the right way but sometimes we buy happiness for e.g.:when you gift somebody,giving something to some body ,they are happy with you and shows love towards you out of that. But in reality do they give ,any sort of happiness?For some its a sort of relief ,some don`t like it.There`s nothing wrong in gifting somebody a present but the happiness only out due to these gifts and money is really sad thing to note? Tell me are we happy in that way????Is it the right way?There are people who are happy only and only if you gift them regularly and that too they are happy only for those moments ,later on they forget what we have done for them ?Come on friends tell me can we buy happiness?My Answer is partially yes because for some its a relief and no because I am sensible enough tot understand the real motive behind all these things.
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@mdchennai (2129)
• India
10 May 07
Well friend, you are talking about the people who are more convinced with the money than the relationship. I will give you an example, if there is any quarrel between the husband and wife and in the evening the husband brings some gift for his wife which she likes a lot. This is only to convince her and may be that his wife will be convinced. But if the next time the same thing happens and once again if the husband brings some gift then i am sure that she wont be convinced. Is is because she wants the problem to be solved and to prevent it from happening in the future rather than suppressing the problem for the moment. So this is what happiness exactly is. We cannot buy happiness. People think that if they have money then they will be happy but they forget the fact that the one who will be around them will be only for money and not for the individual. We can find the true colour of the people around us at the time when we are in trouble!
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11 May 07
Yes you are right,but I never mentioned about Husband /wife .By the way even in that case too money plats an important aspect becuase if you have money your wife is happy in almost every way otherwise most of them are unhappy