Do you have a large extended family that is there for each other?

@TriciaW (2441)
United States
May 9, 2007 6:09am CST
This past weekend my uncle passed away and all of our family was together. It seems that we only see some of the family during these times which is sad but those are ones that live far away. I watched my family a lot and saw how wonderful we are in how we support each other during these times. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have a large extended family. It didn't matter who was crying because there was always someone around to comfort them. Tons of hugs and lots of love was available for everyone. When we were at the cemetary we visited the graves of others in our family that were laid to rest their. More tears were shed and more hugs were given. My oldest daughter stood over the graves crying and when I hugged her she said mom this sucks. I told her yes it is hard to have so many we love buried here and that we had lost so many but that when you have a close large family you have more of that. I then told her that with the sorrow of so many comes the love of so many as well. She agreed that having a large family is good even if it means that we have to lose so many we love. I have to say that I for one am very happy to come from a large extended family that is so close.
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@jothis (518)
• India
10 May 07
Nowadays everybody prefer small family limitted with wife husband and children. But these people will realise the power of family with somany members only when they are in trouble. Only our realatives can help us in problems
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@ozzydee70 (465)
• Germany
9 May 07
we do have a large extended family from my mother side and every year during summer we have our reunion, i think we are more than 200 now including the nephews and nieces and all the grandchildren and great grandchildren. its so much fun every time we're together. they do helping each other too in times of trouble.
10 May 07
Smiley going round - Do you sometimes feel that you are going round in circles and not getting anywhere. Same old housework. bills etc.
Sorry to hear about your uncle but glad you have family to support you. I am surprised by my family. I have two brothers and one sister and we were all raised the same way but now mum is older and needs looking after I seem to be the only one that cares. Their marriages have all split up and mine is the only one still intact but surely that gives them more scope to help not less! I have loads of nephews and neices to buy presents for but still feel we are not a family. Very sad. The photo is me going round in circles not getting anywhere.