Are You Studying Because You want to??

United States
May 9, 2007 7:25am CST
Is it Really your choice for studying , or is it the social pressure forcing you to study what u are studying?? Would you rather quit you studies?? Sooo.....What are you studying?? I'm doing my ENGG i Computers
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• Philippines
11 May 07
actually,, until now i really don`t know why we need to study,, is just because you want to learn and want to have a good job after studying.. now, i`m a student nurse and i think i`m doing good there i hope this studying help me in my future..
• United States
13 May 07
Welll , thanks for replying .... I Study , not for a job or something ... I do it for the knowledge that it gives ... I am a thirsty person , And thurst for knowledge..... **Hey , dont take it personally , Individual opinions may vary to a great extent ** ;-
@eipril (401)
• Philippines
10 May 07
i'm studying because i want to improve my knowledge ..but sometimes i'm getting bored in studying ,, i become lazy in doing assignments ,,projects ,,and other school activities ,.i will be taking BS Math this coming school year .,incoming freshmen ..^_^
@yuki87 (607)
• Italy
9 May 07
When I was in High school I studied only because I had to. I didn't choose the right high school for me so it was a bit hard because the subjects didn't interest me at all. Now at University I'm studying what I want to, languages and licteratures, and I'm very happy. :D
@asahibza (388)
• Canada
9 May 07
In my case. I always studied because of my own preference. I realized quite at an early age that learning is not only good but also necessary for sustaining life. In fact majority of the people like to study. I have never heard any one saying against studying. The only thing is to have the determination and the will poer to study. Desiring something is one thing, but achieving that is entirely different. In order to fulfil our wishes, we need to study and work on a plan. We have to have a good strategy in place.
@Andyck (220)
• Indonesia
9 May 07
It's my choice for studying. I'm a college student in technology institute , i like studying mechanical so much.
9 May 07
Well i'm at school and college. I study Art and English Literature at school and i go to college to do Photography. For me it's a mixture. I love doing Art and Photography and am carrying on to do a degree in Photography next year but i'm not too keen on English. In fact i'm really starting to dislike it because of all the exam questions etc we are having to do but i need to finish the course to get the grades i need for Uni. Plus i've come this far and there are only three weeks left!
• India
9 May 07
hey me stding comp. engg. too now i think u know it better it is time of high compitition u can't survive if u doesn't stdy in this physical world. now not every person can have his family business that he can handle if he doesn't stdy but for this also he have to study. so to make our stand in this society, to pay for our responsibilities , to complete our dreams or that our parents has seen we should steady. i m studing to complete my dream "shine india", to take india upto heights in this world. so say best of luck to me and help me doing so by studing hard. best of luck to u also......