Is Adam Gilchrist a cheater?

Brisbane, Australia
May 9, 2007 7:42am CST
The Aussie World cup win has been marred by a ball-in-a glove trick. Adam Gilchrist used a squash ball in his glove for better grip during the final. What you think give your replies on topic - if Gilly is a cheater or was he being innovative?
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• India
9 May 07
you cant call him a cheater just because he had a squash ball in his glove. as muthaiah murlitharan right ly said that the thought of a squash ball in your glove sounds quite uncomfortable. so i am sure there is nothing to argue about. it is his choice if he wants a squash ball in his gloce or a golf ball for that matter. there is nothing wrong with it.
• Brisbane, Australia
11 May 07
There is absolutely wrong with it! He should not be allowed for this type of cheating again.
• India
1 Jul 07
adam gilchrist is not a cheater as per the law of the cricket rule rule in the book that you cannot put anything in your gloves if at all any thing says by rule book then adam gilchrist is a cheater else not.
@Kashif_ (85)
• Pakistan
14 May 07
this is a new takneeq for a better grip. once upon a time whan pakistani fast boller introduces reverse swing people said that pakistany bollars are cheater.
• India
12 May 07
whole australian team is full of cheaters......but one thing luck is always with them......thats it.