So should we keep Alex the Magician?

May 9, 2007 8:05am CST
I have been wondering about this since the end of the season and I cant answer this one. Is it better to keep a lazy but great player or to pay off is contract and hope that a younger player makes it and becomes the next Mario?
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• Philippines
11 May 07
First of all, Hi :-) Thanks for signing up here at MyLot, I'll try my best to answer as much discussions that you'll start. I hope you enjoy your time here as i did. In regards to the topic, truth to say I'm not familiar with the guy but as you've mentioned laziness on his part is sorry state his showing now, i guess that's what happen when one's too rich too work, in any case thats more likely be a better option releasing the guy, a teams hope is always on the younger players. See you around.