Cheaper to have it shipped from abroad

May 9, 2007 8:13am CST
At the moment I am finding it cheaper to buy from the US and have it shipped than paying the full price in the UK, obviously it's best with smaller items. Anyone else doing the same?
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@hezoid (2147)
9 May 07
The only thing i worry about with this is the customs tax, which can be quite hefty, but you only get that if your item(s) is worth over a certain amount. If your item is under that amount then you can be on to a real bargain! I'm planning on buying some Mineral Make Up from a US website becuase the psotage is very reasonable and the items are positively bargainous as some items are only $1, which would be cheap if they were £1!
12 May 07
At 50p if it's good stuff and the shipping is cheap I'd go for it.
9 May 07
The incredibly weak dollar (roughly $2 per £1) does make US goods very cheap. I heard that their factories are suffering from a lack of domestic demand, so retailers are also having to cut prices. (Americans don't seem very confident in their future, and are saving rather than spending). All this does make it very cheap for us. Unfortunately, with myLot paying in dollars, we don't earn as much for our posts as we used to. But everything has a flip side! Keep supporting the US economy, it needs it!
9 May 07
When I can buy things for 1/3 -1/2 the price of the same product in the UK including P&P I will keep supporting the US economy.