What do you think about "Strawberry Fields Forever"?

May 9, 2007 2:47pm CST
What's in your mind everytime you hear the song? Do you feel peaceful in your own freedom? "..living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see, it's getting hard to be someone but it all works out, it doesn't matter much to me.."
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@nancyrowina (3850)
10 May 07
I found out it's actually about a home for people with Alzheimer's disease so it makes me think of that, but it is a very relaxed happy song so it doesn't make me sad as such. I'm also reminded of a video I saw that went with it of the Beatles messing around in field and on a children's slide.
• Indonesia
16 May 07
I think you're right, rumour has said that when John Lennon was young, he often came to a place called Strawberry Fields, but i'm not sure if that place is a home for people with Alzheimer's disease or a home for the orphants..
• Finland
7 Jun 07
Strawberry Fields Forever always makes me think back to something quite personal and special that happened to me many years ago and hearing the song always fills me with a sense of warmth and happiness. It is probably my favourite song of all time.
• Costa Rica
11 May 07
First time I heard Strawberry Fields was in a little motel in the Poconos, the night before I finished my road trip from Columbia, Mo. University of Mo. to Ft. Eustis, VA to report into the USArmy. Never fails to come back. TR3 totally loaded with stuff and a speeding ticket for $60 (my total reserves) for doing 85 through a 50 mph speed trap. Love the song anyway.
• China
10 May 07
Their songfest lets me feel likes is same in the heaven!!!Unusualserenity!!!
@nicolec (2673)
• United States
9 May 07
It's definatly a peaceful, relaxing, feel good kind of song. The melody just causes you to chill out and be at peace.