Questions about Raiga

May 9, 2007 10:21pm CST
1. Is Raiga blind and deaf? 2. He claims to be one of the Seven Hidden Mist swordsmen, and mentions hating both Zabuza and Kisame when Naruto brings them up to him. What is the reasoning behind this? 3. Why does he use Thunder-Based jutsus, when the swordsmen of the hidden mist all use water-based ones? my speculations are: 1. Raiga is not blind or deaf. His buddy just has a special kind of sight that far exceeds Raiga's. His buddy is somewhat weak and cannot walk on his own, so he and Raiga have a kind of symbiotic relationship. They both rely on each other somewhat. 2. I think it's probably because Kisame and Zabuza were considered 2 of the best of the Mist Swordsmen, and perhaps Raiga feels like he is being overlooked. That could be why he detests them. Although it's not too clear. Raiga is also a few kunais short of a full ninja-sack, if you catch my drift. 3. I believe the swords were what caused him to use Thunder-based attacks. It wasn't necessarily him doing jutsu's, but rather using the "magical" swords to tame the lightning. However, thunder storms are related to rain and otherwise stormy weather, and I think that kind of fits well with a Mist ninja, since Mist ninja use heavy water-techniques. It's just kind of like a special deviation from the norm. But anyways, the swords are the real base of the power.
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