Naruto Anime production differencies

May 9, 2007 10:28pm CST
hello, this topic may most likely have been on this board, but i never saw it, so, here we go: Why, WHY is it, that the quality of each episode of the Naruto anime (okay, not every single episode, but you know what i mean) is drawn at such a different level? One would like to say, that these are fillers, but no, even within the fillers, quality differs. Why is that? Not a single other anime i´m watching differs (at least in that big of a contrast) in its visual quality. And i couldnt understand, if you answer, that Studio Pierrot wants to save money or save time...because Naruto is the new Dragonball, meaning, it is the new mega-cash cow, so it should deserve every effort possible.
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