Possible cause for domestic harrasment, what do you think?

@caesarin (1089)
May 9, 2007 11:13pm CST
These days, almost everyday the TV reports domestic harrasment. Most of the victims are women and children. I thought what is wrong with the world now. People say that economical situation is the cause to this. I think I should agree with it. Lately economic situation makes domestic financial difficult. Basic needs are more expensive while salary doesn't pay enough to support the domestic financial, maybe enough for daily but no savings. Such conditions are pressuring and those that can't take it just let it out in a very bad way. I think this no more an individual issue but government should pay attention to this matter. This is the result of government's failure to run a country properly. I know that every country has almost the same problems but if some bad numbers are growing up instead of coming down, then the government should at least made some policy to support the people's act to fight the bad numbers.
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@magica (3710)
• Bulgaria
10 May 07
The problem is in the wrong education what the children got from their early enviroment and later-from their school. If the child lives in a family where it`s normal dad to shout and to maltreat mum- he will accept this model of behaviour as usual and normal.And later he will treat his girlfriend and wife with aggression.
@caesarin (1089)
• Indonesia
10 May 07
This could be the inner factor. That's why I don't want to quarrel in front of my child. I just wantto show good things or do bad things in a good way, strange huh? But it's true. There are my friends who envy me in my high school year because my parents never got angry to me. I'm glad I have my parents but at least the thing I know is that different people have different ways to show their affections.