Is your relationship suffering from a negative influence?

@betchai (140)
May 10, 2007 12:47am CST
"Well-intentioned" people; nearly every couple knows at least one. In fact, we could all probably rattle off a few names in a matter of minutes. They are the ones that are constantly advising you about your partner's habits or lifestyle in the most well-meaning of tones; the ones who can't help but comment on some misfortune you've had or who mysteriously appear when they need something from you. And, they are the ones who are slowly, and not so silently, zapping the life and happiness from your relationship. The worst part is that you may not even realize it is happening! How do you limit people who are detrimental to your relationship? Is there a way to limit their effect on you and your relationship?
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@tigerdragon (4297)
• Philippines
10 May 07
your worst enemy is yourself.the only person who could hurt you is letting other peoples point of view affect you means you doubt your capability to love and trust your relationship with your not mind what other people tells you because in the end you are giving yourself permission to be affected by what they see. it is all up to you and you not be gullible to everything that you hear and see. trust in yourself ,trust your partner and most of all trust in your relationship. remember, you are just hurting yourself. be kind to yourself and don't let petty things ruin your happiness.let it be, let it go.