Symbolic Revenge

United States
May 10, 2007 4:09am CST
Are you into symbolic revenge? Let me give you a scenario: i was in a horriffic car accident December 9, 2003. i went into the hospital with all my ribs shattered, a broken sternum, exploded spleen, lacerated liver, bruised heart, and both lungs down and filling with fluid. After 6 hours of surgery, the doctor came out and told my parents i have less than 1% chance of survival and to plan my funeral. my mother never gave up on me and 2 years later, i finally came home from the hospital. The person who i once consider my best friend never showed up. He never called my cell phone, he never called my home...he assumed i had died and was calling people and b*tching them out about it, yet he never called my family to offer condolences for the person he was once so incredibly close to who he thought had died. Now, i wanted to take out my revenge. Nothing destructive. Nothing too awful. Just something very, very symbolic. i wanted to take red rose petals and skatter them around his yard, then leave him a vase of roses...half of them dead, half of them alive. i wanted a vine of ivy wrapped around the vase and a note that said "i am still here." NOw, the reason this is so symbolic is that my name is ivy and i always refer to myself as a "listless rose" and roses are my absolute favorite flower. Also, rose is my signatre scent. There is no way my former best friend could NOT know it was me, and it didn't harm anything to do it. So, are you into symbolic revenge?
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@wolfie34 (26790)
• United Kingdom
10 May 07
I admire you for stance, I think most people would have gone round and decked him one or worst! Your method is certainly tactful and self-satisfying without involving any prosecution. I hope you also believe in karma. What comes around goes around and hopefully maybe not tomorrow but in the future he will get his come uppance! I did a discussion on revenge once myself about a teacher who bullied me at school and whether I should have wrecked his car, I think that's more satisfying to me, although whether I'd want him to know it was me, thus getting prosecuted is another matter. I think I would be the coward if I did it secretly. Sometimes I wish I could summon spells to curse people who have really hurt me. I hope he suffers big time for what he did to you.
• United States
11 May 07
Thank you. It is really hard to not want to punch him in the face. He and i were inseparable. i did anyting and everything for him. When he was sick, i would put together a "get well" package and leave it on his doorstep. i woldn't ring the doorbeol or anything so i wouldn't bother him. i would jsut leave it there with a note. i really miss him. Sad thing is, i still love him. He WAS my best friend, afterall. If he came to me and apologized and said he missed me, i would definitely be friends with him again.