work , college , or nothing ?

May 10, 2007 6:03am CST
Lets check the situation .. I am 22 years old now , but i am still study on college , and i also have part time job at night. With the two activity i had short time to sleep. a weeks a go , a friend tell to that he had a job for me , that not a part time job but a full time job, the salary is good and i think its enough for my life , but the problem is i had go to college at day . I know a tittle in front or behind my name is important , if i take that job its mean i had not go to college. Can you tell me ...what should i do in this situation ? should i take this job or not ?
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@sabwinner (499)
• China
10 May 07
Hi, dwihastomo. Glad to know that you've been given such a good opportunity. However, I still don't think quitting college is a not a good idea. You know, that would be a big problem for your future for that you know have a diploma of university. And I want to remind your hard working when preparing for college entry exam. That'd mean nothing if you quit. You could find better job opportunities after graduation, OK?
• Indonesia
10 May 07
thank you for respons I had think of that too , i wan graduate the college , after that i can seek a job with my diploma university.But now ..for pay college i need extra money , my part time sallary is not enough, my mom have no money agaun , and my father was die when i 3 years old :(
@Rohit20 (327)
• India
10 May 07
An unbiased suggestion, seeing ur age your 1st aim should be going to college.. Bcoz,, answer is.....(Situation applies to all) If time to something cretative starts at the age of 20 for all humans,and it ends approximatly at age of 70. If u live ideally like that ,then u have 50 years = 100% of creative life i.e. to do smthg like earning name,fame. Seeing that u have spent only 4% of ur creative life,,,thus , you are lucky that still 96% of life to do creative is there. Then why worrying for job,when its ur time to do good in studies. Dont suffer at cost of your health. U still have 96% creative life time,,plenty,plenty..........opportunities will fall at your steps ,if u are a good student. May God Bless u.
• Indonesia
10 May 07
hmm that heard a good theory , but live not mathematic with % (percent). :)
• Australia
17 May 07
Hello dwihastomo I had been in the same situation when I was in college, but I worked in office as a full timer worker but i already told my office that I'm still in college, so they really understand that i need to go to college to study, and after finished my class i go back to the office. so i can get both of them in the same time. Maybe you should tell your company and explain the reason. I think if they really need you they will understand the situation. Almost all my friend did that, and their company are really understanding about that. Good luck
@eipril (401)
• Philippines
13 May 07
i'm incoming freshmen college this coming school year ..i'll be taking bs math in polytechnic university of the Philippines ,,^_^ i think if you really needs a money you should go for a job .,but if not ,.finish your studies first ..because education is really important ,.^^
• Indonesia
11 May 07
hm i think you must have priority because if you don't have it you will face serious problem because you must choose which one is more important, but in my opinion you should choose your college..
@racheld (840)
• United States
10 May 07
Just a little FYI, you can do both! I'm 22 years old too and I work full time during the day and I take night classes at night. This past semester I took four classes, one of them being online and in the fall I will be taking four classes PLUS an online class. It can be done, you just have to manage your time very carefully. You should see if your college offers online classes, or see what classes are avaiable when you aren't at work. I think you should definitely continue with your college education if you feel that it is helping you. For some people college isn't the answer, but if its something you think will help you in the future and you don't think that this current full time job you got offered could be your life long career and make you happy, why settle??? Good luck with your decision!