What do we need to do to be a good father?

May 10, 2007 6:48am CST
Have you ever wondered what you need to do to be a good father? I have two sons at home. I am the only income earner. When my son misbehaviour, I would cane him after several warnings. As my son is in Primary one this year so my wife and I are going through the change in his behaviours. My wife feels dishearted as my son will lie to get away from punishment when he has done something wrong in school. He is doing very well in his studies. He scored 2 subjects for 100 marks and chinese above 90 marks but his behaviour is really a headache to us. His class teacher has already written so many times to us. He did get violet when his friends tease him and he did not tell us the truth about it. I wanted to use the soft approach but it still continue to be like that. Sometimes we ponder as are we good parents then? My wife has trained him very well when he was young but the moment he entered primary school, it was like a prisoner out to do all sorts of troubles. What is your opinion about being a good father? Is not to cane and always being nice? My son's character is outgoing by nature and there is nothing we can do. He likes to talk very much and that is him.
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@reachravi (453)
• India
10 May 07
i think if you just be a friend to your son it should work...its not bad to beat children but not everytime as then children will lie to escape you should talk to them with love also and i think its just a part of growing up you should not get so tensed...he will improve as he grows...
@inked4life (4226)
• United States
10 May 07
It may be different in your society but to me caning a child is absolutely disgraceful and if you did it here your kid would most likely be removed from the home by social services. I think it's more important to talk to kids logically and take the time to explain what they are doing wrong and give equal or more time to compliment them when they do something right. If they misbehave then the way to "punish" them is to start to take away some of their favorite items (toys, TV privileges etc) which they will only get back with good behavior. I really believe you have to re-think the whole caning thing as that will only lead to your kid being traumatised somewhere down the line.....not good.