Does anyone here believe in mermaids? Cos i do*

May 10, 2007 9:29am CST
Have anyone here had an experience or a story to tell abt mermaids or heard of them and thought for once that it may be for real? I mean if we are afraid of the dark and evil and respect and adore God then why not have a little belief in the mermaids too Somehow i've always been attracted to this conception that mermaids Do exist and that if i am lucky i might be able to see them or atleast know something about them!!! I know this may sound weird to some people who hav no time for rubbish let alone a girl's stupid fantasy and beliefs but then is'nt mylot meant for people like us who can express their thoughts freely and the one's who have similar beliefs can share their's as well? So if u do have a story or have heard of one or even seen something that you wud'nt want to share with a non-believer please let me know Cos i wud really love to know all abt that.. Love jen
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10 May 07
I've never seen a mermaid before so I can't say that I truly believe in them. I think they can be real. Who knows? There are many mysterious beings out there and I'm sure mermaids could be one of them. I think there must be some kind of mermaid beings around because otherwise how did they come up with little mermaid (the movie) and fairies like Tinkerbell.