Do you have any regret?

United States
May 10, 2007 10:03am CST
Do you have any regret in life? Do you wish you did something, but didn't? Why did you decide not to do it? Did someone tell you not to do it? Or you are afraid or scared? Please share your stories. If your stories resonate with me, I will include it on my website and give you credit. This is a piece that I wrote that may help you and think - "The Fork in the Road"
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• India
10 May 07
Hi EdithYeung! I have some regrets. I wish i studied better and not wasted my time during College days. I also wish i treated my Mom better when she was alive.
@qoo_rie (428)
• Indonesia
10 May 07
Woah... what a resonate story. well i admit it i only take the safer road. I try not to regret about anything. well I do make misatake, a lot.. but i never regret that. i'm happy that i able to make that mistake so in the future i wouldn't do it again. well rite now perhaps i'm taking the risky thing one. I take something that i know it wouldn't be good for me... well but i just keep staying, i want to try it.. when there is a will there is a hope i guess. sorry can't told you the complete story... cos i'm not ready :) Maybe i'll regret but I prefer the word 'Glad' than regret. i'm glad that i can get through all, i'm glad i ever fell n rise again... n i hope i can be strong :)