Reverse Interview

United States
May 10, 2007 10:12am CST
Today I've finally got a second interview. Seems like everywhere I go they interview me once and then pick some other person, lol. But this interview is a "reverse interview" where I ask all the questions. I'm at a loss -- any ideas? BTW this is a waitress/hostess position
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10 May 07
Good luck - This is a four leafed clover believed to bring good luck to those that find one.
Good luck for the interview this time. This is a strange one. You could ask 'would they like chips with that?' LOL You might ask how the tip system works - do you get to keep your own or is it pooled. What uniform to wear. Are your shifts regular or staged to make sure there are staff there at all times. How long has the business been in operation? Does it have any plans for the future?
13 May 07
How did it go?
@indartorg (117)
• Bulgaria
10 May 07
Lol! Never heard of that kind of interview before... but it is verry good way to see what is interesting for the man / woman who have to be interviewd.. Be verry carefull don't ask questions about money in the beggining of the interview. If thy ask you about money...Don't be afraid to talk about that but don't ask much. And dont ask less.. If you ask less than you really have to get they will thing of you like a person who don't know his capitabilities and don't believe in his self, But don't ask for much becouse of the oposite :) It's like wallking on tin ice so be crefull... Well i wish you luck! :)