How can they do it?

United States
May 10, 2007 5:00pm CST
How is it that a child at 18 months of age can sit and scream just to make noise for as long as they can?!?!?! My little one love to just scream cause she can and it drives me crazy. You would think they would get tired or lose their voice but nooo no such luck.
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• United States
10 May 07
She's learning...perhaps she's another Beverly Sills in the making. LOL She's also teaching you something-patience. I'd get some cotton balls for my ears and let her scream.
• India
10 May 07
Well children can do things unheard of. They have so much stamina and perseverance. My daughter bangs her head against the wall, on the floor and at times against me if i refuse to do what she wants me to do...good luck with your baby.
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• Australia
11 May 07
i know how you feel. My son who is currently 16 months old used to do that. Now he only does it if he is tired or hungry. It is just that they love the sound of their own voice and wants everyone to know that they are there. She will grow out of it or get tired of it. When she does it just ignore her and she will soon learn that she is not getting any attention.
@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
10 May 07
My daughter and I eveloped a method to deter my granddaughter from doing that. We gave her a full sprtizer bottle . She loves squirting herself in theface, andnow, she is occupied in trying to get the handle pressed far enough to get some water out of the bottle. I know it soundsmean, but it really isn't since it just switches her from doing something sle likes doing to something else she likesdoing. An added bonus is that now, we have an excuse to wipe her face more often. And you know how much they like THAT!