does age matter when you love?

@lucgeta (924)
May 10, 2007 5:18pm CST
Suppose you have a 30-something friend in love with a 19 years old girl. What would you tell him? Let's add to that they are from different countries and cultures. Of course they see things diferently: one is more responsible and the other more relaxed. They met in front of a shop full of expensive parfumes. She left her country to work as salesperson. A bottle of parfum and a glass of water in a cozy cafeteria later ad you might have her phone. That's was the easy part, imagine the father ... Well, they are together for one and half year and planning marriage. What would you tell him or her?
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@angelco (345)
• Philippines
11 May 07
Age doesn't matter to me as long as there is love and you agree in addition, if both of you feels that you are compatible and you are really comfortable with each others arms there's no reason that you have to separate your path because of your age...actually, it is much better if your partner is older than you atleast he is matured enough to handle the relationship and i can say that he is more responsible :)
@jogie_bien (1103)
• Philippines
10 May 07
for me, age doesnt matter, even he is older than me for 20 years old, what is the important is that you love each other deep in your heart..for me, i prefer older from me because its already matured enough than me..
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• Brazil
15 May 07
really not, i have 19 years old, my girlfriend have 14 years old, we are happy, the age its forgoten when we are together and sometimes when the people are different, the relationship go certain xD