Which version you perfer?

@jianhong (740)
May 10, 2007 6:18pm CST
Recently, hotmail hava create a brand new version of layout and interface for hotmail. Do you perfer to use the old or bew version. I have been using the new version although it's slow sometime.
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• Singapore
12 May 07
I prefer the older version... like you said, the new version is slower in terms of loading time. Most of the other uses of the interface appear to be the same though...
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@tcs9423 (29)
• Macedonia
11 May 07
I prefer the new version. Its somewhat looks a little more ''professional'' , However, it is not really amazing as there are many other emails which are similar.
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@liyan97 (2128)
• Northern Mariana Islands
13 May 07
For my I would rather perfer the older version. Although the newer one looks nice and has a few more ammenties, most of the time I can't send an email because there has been an error. If I was given a choice I would go back to the older version.
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• Pakistan
14 May 07
I prefer the new version of windows live brand and I strongly recommend users to upgrade to it. Trust me old hotmail service had some security holes, issues. I saw many innocent people getting hacked without committing any mistakes. This new live version has a improved nice look, interface. Moreover, security is tightened up. Also that they are offering more space and cool options just like outlook.
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@ashisyed (40)
• Pakistan
27 Jul 07
well, i prefer the older version...though i tried the new version for a while,but i still think that itz better to use the old one, as itz simple n faster than the new one...