Your childhood

@kitkat1 (1227)
May 10, 2007 8:06pm CST
Do you think that your childhood moulded the type of person you are today. The type of family you had the school you went too, did these things shape and help make you be who you are? I feel that it did with me in every way. My family life made me a warm loving and caring person. My highschool experiences made me outgoing. True there where some bad experiences that moulded me as well like alcoholism in my family but that just made me responsible about myself and alcohol. So what parts of your childhood made you what you are today.
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• China
11 May 07
yes,i agree with you. my childhood moulded me what i am parents are farmers,they influenced me very much,from them,what i have learned are honest& kindness & tolerant......,so many friends like to get along with me.i also have leared from my family to be strong and to be independent.and i`m a troditional girl.
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
17 May 07
Of course it did. My childhood was great- I have a great family. My mom is my best friend- it wasn't always like that though- so now it teaches me that no matter when my daughter and I argue- hopefully when she grows up we will be as close as my mom and I are. My parents taught me to try many new things- I am the same kind of parent. I was loved and felt loved growing up- my household now is very loving!
@kathy77 (7487)
• Australia
11 May 07
Hi Kat, No I would not think tht my childhood did mould me into the person that I am today, I have changed in so many ways. I think through my life and none of these helped me that much mould me into the person that I am today but I did learn a lot about life especially when I left home and live a hard and difficult life and learnt a lot from other friends and this is what moulded me into the person I am today which is a lot better than what my growing up years were like as I was not really loved the way that I should of been as a young girl growing up,.
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@youdontsay (3503)
• United States
11 May 07
Well, to a point my past shaped my present. But at my age, 65, most of my past has been out of my family of origin. So I've made a lot of changes in my life based on my own choices to create a circle of friends and acquaintances who also have had influence on my life. That is why it is important to choose our friends, companions carefully.