Will you give a second chance if your partner cheated on you?

May 10, 2007 8:55pm CST
Will you give a second chance if your partner cheated on you?
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@friendship (2085)
• Canada
11 May 07
I usually offer a second chance to people. But in term of having a personal relationship, I wouldn't tolerate any kind of cheating. In my opinion, relationship is about trust. If someone cheats, it means that he won't respect me as a partner anymore. Thus, it is hard to believe that he won't do it again. It is better to make it over for the sake of goodness.
@ricknkae (1726)
• United States
11 May 07
Probably not I tend to think that if he did it once he can do it twice ... or more Plus the pain, plus the trust completly gone .... Very hard to recover What about you?
• Philippines
16 Jan 08
A big NO! Once you cheat theres always a second a third and so on. So once I discover may partner cheated on me goodbye. No talk.
• United States
24 May 07
I think that everyone deserves a second chance. That doesn't mean you will find it easy to trust the person again because the person cheating has torn the trust down so they will have to expect to go slow and have the partner not trusting them. You have to build the trust up again and that is no easy thing. My husband cheated on me but the situation was a wee bit different in nature. He was overseas in a place where he wasn't sure if he would even make it back to the states or not. He did have relations with a women over there but he talked to me about it when he came home. People might call me a push over for accepting this explanation but bottom line is everyone deserves a second chance and I have never regreted giving it to him. I was furious when he first told me. I needed time to digest what he told me and think about it. It was rough going but we made it through the rock in the road and are coming up on our 35 wedding anniversary in August. Life is about learning from your mistakes and my husband did. He is a good man and I love him very much.