Today is the SADDEST DAY of my Hyip Life

@tommy408 (361)
May 11, 2007 1:55am CST
I've ventured into online HYIP investments not so long ago. Throughout my life as a somewhat active online HYIP investor, I've come across enough numbers of scammers to understand and accept the fact that HYIP investment in a high risk investment. I usually invest in these program after completely willing to lose all my money. I try to minimize the risk of losing money by practicing few safety precautions but I still know and accept that there is a chance of me not profiting from it. All well. I am never an emotional investor. But, I made a mistake of "believing" in one particular program. "Believe" is a dangerous emotion in investments. Any investment. Particularly that which is as high a risk as HYIP. I "believed" this program would last long. Yesterday, I found out that it stopped operation. It broke my heart. I feel like giving up HYIP altogether. I've written a post about it in my blog if you want to read it,
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@jwfarrimond (4474)
11 May 07
I've speculated on hyip's myself in the past, and the only thing that I think you can be certain about is that sooner or later, and probably sooner, they'll vanish with your money. Perhaps the best strategy with these (apart from ignoring them altogether) is to get in at the beginning of a hyip, and then get out again after say a week. Even so, you might still lose your money. One that I've found to pay consistently into my e-gold is Hyip Pool
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21 Jul 07
Thanks for the best response :-)
@ellie26 (4140)
• Malaysia
11 May 07
I have been scammed so many times that I have given up investment all together. I didn't lose a lot of money but it a lesson for me not be so trusting in everything I read in the internet.
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9 Jul 07
You are very clear on the point, that finally we can not benefit from most of hyips/surfs sites because lots of scammers been around only for a while and disappear with you hard earned money.So everyone that intend to join any hyips/surfs then should do research first and remember one important thing that these kind of ventures always relate to risk along the road so , just play with the money that you are afford to loose otherwise you will be sorry.