Do you want to choose a girlfriend? Why or why not? Reasons?

May 11, 2007 8:18am CST
do you want to choose a girlfriend?why or why not? i don't want to choose a girlfriend. nowadays, more and more university students would like to choose a boyfriend or girlfriend in is quite popular in campus.if someone want to chase a girl, he is willing to make four steps.step one:they will meet each other by accident(maybe i can say that is natural):step two:exchanging mobile phone number each other(it is quite easy to connect with the other);stept three:someone will make appointment with the other to see a movies,go shopping and so on(expressing how much your emotion to him or her);the final step:they become a couple of people in campus,usually. recently,my friends always ask me:"van ,why don't you choose a girlfriend in campus.especially,you are english major and so many beautiful girls in your department.come on, guy!it is your chance!" my answeris :"i would like to put my time to study in university;i don't want to waste my time to chase the fairy tale." tell you the truth,i am coming 24 this year.but i have never fallen in love with someone.but i love my family very much.i am stil a single.believe it or not, i like to be single. let me tell you the reasons. firstly,i am a student my opinion,a university student should pay more attention to know what? so many children couldn't go to school because of the high tuition every years. i am a lucky boy now can stay at classroom and accept the high education in university.i really cherish the time i stay at university and the money my parents give me to study every year. secondly, the time is limited and the goal is ambitious. i don't want to let my parents down;i don't want to let my family down;most importantly, i don't want to let myself down. i want to be a powerful man;i want to be successful;the point is i want to be somebody in the future.therefore,i have to learn what i must learn and what i must prepare for in the is not a good soldier who don't want to be a general. thirdly,i believe in that when the time is righ,that will happen,you will find your Mr.Right.i should do something in the right time, just one time.hehe.but now it isn't the right time to happen.i am still waiting for the girl who is my Mr.Right. above all is my reasons. in reality, i don't oppose to the campus love,but i also don't support the campus love.anyway,everyone has right to love or be love. it depends on yourself. what is your opinion?
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