Anyone Use or Win Searchng at Blingo?

United States
May 11, 2007 12:54pm CST
In case you don't know what Blingo is, it is a search engine that you can win cash and prizes at just by doing your normal searches. Everyday they give away hundreds of prizes like ipods, visa gift cards, playstations, movie tickets, amazon gift certificates, itunes gift certificates, and cash prizes up to I believe $10,000. You can check daily to see what that days prizes are going to be. If you search at the right time you will see a message on your screen telling you that you won and what you won, you just fill in the form and you'll get your prize. Oh and whoever you signed up under will win the same prize! Isn't that cool? They've even given away cars! On Thursday's they give away $1,000, Your allowed to search 25 times a day to win. You can win 2 times a month so depending on what you win you might want to wait a little bit in case you win something better, the form should tell you how much time you have to claim the prize. Like if you win a movie ticket and say a gift card at the beginning of the month, and you claim them and then at the end of the month you won $1,000, you wouldn't be able to claim it. Heres my link to join if your not already playing. Its free of course, and fun.
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1 Jan 10
Hola all, I can't remember trying this website for about a week, and I just got discouraged. I didn't win anything, and I didn't hear of anyone else who won anything either. The search engine results were "ok" from what I remember, but I just didn't think it was very much to talk about. Pretty boring to me.
@scgodess (105)
• United States
1 Apr 09
so far i haven't won anything on blingo. Though it's inspiring to read some of the stories. if you do a random search for blingo there's a lot of people with blogs and such. One I was reading the guy said he occasionally got the email saying "your referral won a $5 amazon gift card so he gets one too" He said he had got a few like that. then one day he read his emails and one of his referrals won a 42" plasma screen tv so he did too. I keep trying though. I try to do a couple searches on there a day. If anyone else is interested i have a blingo banner in my profile.
@mrsjbelle (1640)
• United States
17 Dec 07
I've never won anything I do win frequently on Winzy it's a search engine as well. The link is under Mywebsite on my page. Thanks.
• United States
18 Oct 07
All I've won so far is a $5 gift certificate for And that was only because my cousin, who I referred, won. That was during my first month. I've been using Blingo for 3 months now and haven't won anything else.
@naka75 (796)
• Singapore
16 May 07
Unfortunately it is limited to US residents.