Do Car drivers intentionally CUT up Motorcyclists?

May 11, 2007 2:34pm CST
Hello, I like to think of myself as a good motorbike rider who considerates all others who I come across. Sometimes though I do get the impression that some car/van drivers instantly take a disliking to you and try and hinder your progress. Has anyone else encountered this?
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@PsychoDude (2018)
• Netherlands
11 May 07
I know of some who do that, because they hate it how motorcyclists can get past them that easily in gridlocks and such, a bit childish reasoning all if you ask me, like if they could get past gridlocks easily they wouldn't.
12 May 07
I definatly think its a jealousy thing, like you said about not being able to make the progress the biker is making.
• Romania
17 May 07
some of them are gelous like psychoDude says but also others think that they are better than motorcicle drivers ...also they think smthing like all motorcycle drivers are crazy and in some way they try to stop them ...stupid people... i think that in most cases they don't see it and they don't do it in pourpouse to harm them or smthing....what kind of motorcycle do you drive? i would like to buy a kawasaky .......or sommething....just be fast :D
@HADDOWZ (1481)
31 May 10
Motoring accident. - When a car and a motorbike collide there will only be one winner. Car drivers should be more alert to this danger. Open your eyes and save lives.
Yes they certainly do, they seem to think the are king of the roads, if you dont have 4 wheels then you should not be on the road, stick to the pavement. I am a driver and I always look for motor bikes before pulling out, the last thing I want is a automobile accident, or to hurt anyone. Maybe I was just blessed with brains, unlike alot of other road users.
• India
14 May 07
Yes its natural for the car and van drivers that they will Cut up you Harshly but its not intensionally everytime. I am a car driver and frankly speaking i don't make cuts intensionally... So according to me most of the times car drivers dont do it intentionaly..