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May 11, 2007 3:44pm CST
i was wondering if wanted to relive the moment of their deliveries since mother's day is comeing up? i went in on feb 21st at 3:00am to be induced. i went through labor on pitson with no meds and no dilation untill 7:00pm. my doc came in to do a check and we found out that my baby had ended up turning and getting the cord wraped around him 3 times. at 7:30pm rylan was born weighting 7.4 and 21 in long.
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@soccermom (3200)
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11 May 07
I had all 3 of mine naturally with no pain killers. My first child was overdue and was induced at 10:30am on November 27,1995 and was born at 2:21pm. No problem. My middle child was born November 12, 2002. I started goin ginto labor early in the day with her and for some reason just kept putting off going to the hospital. I just didn't want to go! My hubby finally forced me to go, and it's a good thing he did, we arrived at 10:35pm and she was born at 11:12pm! My son was hard. I went back and forth to the hospital all weekend and they kept sending me home. I went back Sunday morning at 10:30am and was yelling that something was not right and I was not leaving the hospital until I had my baby. I was a real pain in the hiney, but a mother knows when something is "off". The doctor induced me at 6:30pm and the baby was born at 9:21 with the cord wrapped around his neck and some gastrointestinal issues. They rushed him off and were going to send me to surgery because I wouldn't deliver the afterbirth, when my room cleared out I thought "Like hell are they knocking me out without knowing how my baby is" and delivered what I needed to by myself. My hubby came back in the room and was horrified, the doctor told me I didn't HAVE to act like a cavewoman. After that I decided I was done and had a tubal 2 months later.
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12 May 07
wow, congrats on a safe delivery and i dont blame you i would have acted the same way!! Happy mother's day!!