Clixsense - Is 10 $ membership updrade worth it?

May 11, 2007 9:41pm CST
The 10 $ membership upgrade - is it worth it. I see they mention that there are more than 500 adds avaialbe for the upgraded members. So, could any one who have upgraded their account pls tell me: 1. How much those 500 adds sums up (approximately) 2. After those 500 adds, how many adds will one get, say if he just logins once every 24 hours - how mcuh willhe get. 3. How many 2, 3 ,5 , 50 cents adds you can expect (on an average). 4. If we select adds intelligently, can we make ard 80-100$ per month? 5. What is the maximum amount you have made there. Let me know, thanks in adavnce.
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