May 11, 2007 11:33pm CST
should india be a male dominated sociey?
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@AKRao24 (25179)
• India
12 May 07
I think the thinking of Dominating some one seems to be a bit wild in nature! In nature generally males dominate females as they act as the head of the herd and they need to keep the dominance to maintain the discipline in the herd! Here the females are basically responsible for propagation of the species and in turn this male takes the responsibility to safeguard the females and the young ones from the natural enemies by making various strategies from time to time! This is the thing that is observed in nature by wild beasts! Yes, no doubt Human being is also an animal and he may likely to do so like other animals! But there is a basic difference and that is Human being is a Social animal and the species is most evolved one with the maximum intelligence bestowed with! So with the brains what he is having today he has made tremendous progress to make his life very comfortable ! In the current scenario I think females are also playing equal roles like males in modern development and they are contributing a lot to the society. They do have a say today as they have proved their metal in various fields in very manner! Yes nature does have its own roles to play . As the females are required to have rest for considerable time before they deliver a child and after that also and they do have their monthly cycles for reproduction, their stature is not as strong as males and their built in general is delicate than males, this may definitely put them bit behind as far as undertaking physical work is concern. But at the same time they can be involved in mental work during this period and i am sure they will excel during this periods also ! Well , while taking decisions in a family, Though it is presumed that India is male dominated Country, I feel that females are given equal opportunity to participate in the discussion before taking any major decision pertaining to the family welfare. This has been practiced traditionally and is still practiced in many families! I think it is male ego or male chauvinism that unnecessarily created all troubles and i am of the opinion that in the modern day women should be given equal opportunity and they should be treated at par with men! I am a man and I got high respect and regard for women as I am born to a woman and I am married to a Woman ! Thanks for initiating such an interesting topic! Wish you all the best!