TISSUE: It is not always good to use especially for Asthmatic people.

@Abbyey (760)
May 11, 2007 11:44pm CST
I know that using Tissue paper is common almost around the world. There is tissue in most RESTROOM/CR, in your own home, in restaurants and at your workplace. Tissue is one necessity in life for every individual. But WAIT, there is more about this TISSUE that many dont know of. When you have colds and you want to sneeze the easiest way is to grab a tissue paper and blow your nose. Right? But after the first blow (exhale) you would want to make another blow by which you (inhale first) then BLOW your nose once more.This part you dont observe. The inhale part before your next blow is bad because the virus of the first blow is on the tissue, then you inhale to attempt another blow. We all know that tissue has fibers, its small and some are not visible. This is not good. Kindly blow once on the tissue then if you plan another blow, inhale far from the tissue before making another blow. This may help you avoid asthma at the same time, acquire more virus.
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• India
18 May 07
If its true thanks for telling me. I was asthmatic so I will be careful in using tissues.