what would you do if you suddenly got filthy rich?

May 12, 2007 12:45am CST
everybody dreams of becoming filthy rich in just an instant! who wouldnt dream about it? being rich is probably one of the best things that could happen in our life! if i would get filthy rich in a sudden, i would go on a shopping spree,buy a lot of mansions and buy 5 limousines. :) and the rest, i'll invest it for business. what about you? what would you do?
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• Philippines
12 May 07
OMG, well i will build my dream house, ill buy my dream car, ill build my own business then ill help those less fortunate people and ill help those people who cant get to school and study. Have a nice day ahead from Francis.
@brothertuck (1257)
• United States
12 May 07
First off I will explain what it is to me to be filthy rich. It would be never having to worry if I have enough money for what I want. I would splurge a bit at first, then would make sure my family and loved ones would be well off. The fleet of cars would be corvettes. One of each year made. I would have a grove and park, a labarynth of hedges. My house would be totally underground and self sufficient. Solar and wind powered. Geothermal heating. I would make sure that I set up a business, not so much for me but to let my kids have something to use to support them. Either as silent owners or to run the business if they want to learn it. I wouldn't give it to them to run into the ground. but only has a stock holder if they don't want to learn the business itself.