How to make yourself be popular with other people?

relationship - How to make yourself be popular?
May 12, 2007 2:21am CST
Are you popular with other people in your family,your school or your workplace?If your answer is yes,how can you do it?You know,sometimes, some people are not pupular with most of people at all, even many people dislike them .If this kind of thing happens to one of your friends,and he doesn't know what he did makes other feel uncomfortable,in this case,what will you do?Would you like to tell him what he should do and what he shouldn't.As we all know that pointing other people's defects is not an easy thing for us.I have a problem like this.One of my roommates is not popular in our room.But it seems like that she doesn't know it at all.She often say and do something that makes us feel uncomfortable.Sometimes I really want to tell her what she shouldn't say and do.However,it's hard to do it for me.If you were me,what should do you?
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• Nigeria
12 May 07
well when i was in school i was given an award as the most popular and friendly person on campus which was due to my welcoming attitude. Well as regards your roommates, i think you should call her and let her know that some of the things that she says or does at times gets on your nerves and you could also offer her some tips and advice on how to comport herself when she's around others. You could also tell her to watch the way the others talk, gist or go about something for like a week so that she might have a hang of what you guys are all about