is the heat or hot summer due to global warming?

May 12, 2007 8:16am CST
everywhere the climate has soured and all are experiencing great discomfort due to excessive heat. what is the season? can we revert back and save the world?
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
12 May 07
i think that the fact the whole world and his wife now want a car means we are now unlikely to ever put our climate back to how it should be. Here in the uk over the last seven years 4 of our summers have been the warmest for the last 300 years. This suggests to me that we either ditch the cars or kill our only planet. People, the choice is yours blessed be
@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
12 May 07
Maybe global warming is one of the reasons why there is an extreme heat in the world. But we can also consider the destruction of ozone layer. Ozone layer is the protective layer that shields the earth from the harmful UV rays of the sun. When it gets thinner, the rays from the sun are more likely to heat the earth. And due to global warming the heat coming from the sun doesn't escape the earth's atmosphere easily.