Could you live without pasta, bread, and chocolate?

May 12, 2007 10:35am CST
Low-carb diets are all the ragend the long-term health effects of not eating bread, pasta, and the like are widely debated. But even if it were agreed that shunning carbs was undoubtedly good for you, could you do it for the rest of your life? Would you be willing to give up pasta, rice, bread, chocolate, cake, cookies, and more, all for the sake of being thinner?
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
4 Jun 07
I have done this diet before but make sure you drink alot of water if you do this diet.
@anjoks (2084)
• Philippines
12 May 07
A big "NO". . I can't live without those foods. My god, i can't imagine myself giving up those. My life will be all useless and worthless. haha! its funny but its true. Those are my faves, don't care about my weight for as long as i can enjoy the goodness of life. . I don't want to deprive myself you know. (",)
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
12 May 07
I tried the low carb thing and I did lose weight,but I was miserable. I felt yucky also. So now I eat them in moderation. I dont think I could ever give up chocolate.
@rsa101 (21218)
• Philippines
12 May 07
Before I became diabetic I was really a true blue choco lover and addicted to it. I was a super duper fanatic for sweets that's why I got diabetic this early on. Now I could live and my life stayed healthy and weight was returned to normal. I still eat those things once in a while but I usually do not overeat those things since they are really not good if taken in great amounts over the lenght of time.