LOVE is full mostly when time makes it strong. Agree?

@Abbyey (760)
May 12, 2007 11:22am CST
I met my honey when i was 20 and he was 29. He was ready to settle down but i wasnt. He was willing to wait til im ready to have a family. Now after 5 years together, we are still in love with each other. We love to talk for hours and listen to one anothers stories. I know the time is getting close and partly i know im ready. Its exciting, im happy to know that we both love each other strongly. Every year we our love grew strong. We tell each other our faults and correct them. I know im blessed to have a man like him. Likewise he tells me the same. We both love kids and plan to have 2-3, though i told him i like 4. He said if we are blessed with 4 then its great. For family planning 2 would be great then after couple of years the 3rd will come. I believe LOVE is fuller every year that we are together, as time goes bu the more we love, the more we care and the more we understand. How about you? do you agree or disagree?
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@niang03 (147)
• China
12 May 07
Well..congrats to you that you had met the right guy for you..i agree with you,love will grow strong together with the time we had spent together..i mean here,if you have trust,caring for your partner...For me,the characters from my partner are most important..if we could trust each other even if we are in long distance relationship,understand each other ,caring each other,open our heart,sit and talk together to discuss our problem,our activities..i think i will have that strong love...