best weapon

@akiraz (265)
United States
May 12, 2007 12:14pm CST
what weapon do you think is the best out of all weapon,i either choose a dds,d long,d scimmy,whip,or a great axe.what weapon do you think is the best in the whole game?
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
15 May 07
i have to go for 2 weapons, the ones i use the most in game... whip, super fantastic weapon lol, i love that it is both fast and can hit hard if you have high str. and D schimmi, because i can't train str only with the whip, i use the D scimmi alot, and i find that it is much better than any other wep for training str. i really don't like 2 handed slow weapons, so great axe goes way down in my estimations :)
@Chryssi (828)
• United States
14 May 07
In my opinion, the best weapon is the whip - because of it's speed and ability to hit high. The downside to having a whip is that there's no aggresive option, so you can't train strength. :( Crystal bow is the best weapon for rangers.
@Detr47 (96)
• Yemen
14 May 07
i like whip, thats a pretty good weapon to own with, its fast, accurate, and fast. (same reason why rune scimy is best wep in f2p). for training tho i like to use d scimmy. but for strength (when im not worried about killing and just trying to hit a very high max hit) i used d baxe special, then drink attack pot (brings attack back up) and use prayer then pull out d long, then when i have enough special energy i used d long special (hit 29 like that today). that or i use dbaxe spec and flail.
• Indonesia
14 May 07
I think the best weapon in the game is the weapon that you need an extra passion and a hard work to get it.For example the game that make you to search,find and gather all the materials/loot to make this weapon.But in the whole game i like to use the two handed weapon because of this awesome damage or a light sword that provide a fast movement and a lot chance of making combo.
• Norway
12 May 07
i think crystal bow is great atleast for rangers