why does one think he/she loves his children the most? Do u agree!!!

May 12, 2007 12:27pm CST
I truly think that all parents feel the same towards their kids they love them unconditionally . Do they love their parents the same way? Do they feel the same for their parents too? Why do they change when they grow up? isnt it traumatic to accept it? As far as i am concerned I have been a mother of a 22 year old and from the day the beautiful princess was within me i knew instantly when she made her presence felt that i had found a meaning to life!!! I just loved her from the moment she started responding to my sweet talks when she was within me she would kick when she haerd music I would explain things & she would respond by kicking fast with faster kicks just to protest may be ..... so when she was born I held her in my arms I knew for sure she was the one i dreamt of!!!she smiled instantly at me when i called out to her clasped my fingers with her little hand & held on to me like she was helpless. ....bundle of joy ... I saw her grow from a few days old to a small pretty girl ..... but now she is an engineer .. I have my dream accomplished today I feel i am complete!!!!I have made here achieve what she would dream to be ... I am very proud of her & share a beautiful relationship with her ....sharing everything with her her "SWOT" enjoying her company as always people say we look like siblings more than mother daughter .... I would never want this relationship to end or ever have anyone to spoil this relationship that I share with her .She is a perfect blend of humane values, ethics,morals,talented,artistic very musical & a very sensitive human being.Some may feel that she may be a snob or a cut above but that it the pointwhere she is different and adds the spice & Zing to life. She is very caring having great respect for old persons/senior citizens & having clear moral values(lacking in the children of this generation), respectful, having reverence for her teachers & elders who deserve respect,outspoken, attractive,outgoing personality with a distinct style of her own.. She is very special to all of us ......she is my Princess do u all feel that children make you special when at the end of the day they wish you and say thank you mom I LOVE U ........ this makes my day & my life I only live for this day.... Do u think this provides the same feeling in all the parents of the world when they find that they have accomplished what they set out to do!!!!do comment do we share the same feeling for our children!!!!
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@joycer (498)
• Sri Lanka
14 May 07
I have 4 children. And I love all of them with all my heart. I have treated them fairly. They are my precious gifts in life. Parents love their children more ,than children to their parents. We too, our parents love us more than we love them. It's a cycle, I think. Everyday we go to work, do our household chores, tired of everything, but when we come home and see them , we do not feel the exhaustion. They become the source of our strength. I am so happy that my kids love me too. They are so thoughtful. Athough sometimes we have some misunderstandings, they still respect me and I respect them too. We talk things over, share problems. Hug each other. Sometimes they give me surprises, and those small things touch my heart.